Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Test. Test.

I've decided to ditch my beloved old (read: super awesome) blog because it was causing alot of people's computers, including mine, to jam up and shit. This also goes out to Val who had to restart her pc a billion times just so she can read my daily musings. Which I don't indulge in very often either. Tragic.

Expect more stuff to come up. Like soon. I guess.


Alisa said...

Yah, hello, what's the point of changing blog when you don't update it? Like hello, this is the second time I've visited your blog in three days and there's been no change.

I got my shoes stepped on said...

Like hello, I'm busy protecting the country. Would you want our neighbours to invade our country while I stay in my guard room, blogging?

Thought so.