Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playing My Cards Right

My name is Hatta and I am an addict. No it's not porn. It's worse than porn and 10 times less cool. I'm addicted to Solitaire. Yes it's that song by Clay Aiken. Yes that game that can easily be found on all computers. It happened on the train last night. Bored with nothing to do on the way to Bugis I checked out my games on the iPod and the Klondike (innocently waiting) game popped up. So engrossed I was that I continued my game at home.

The hours between 4 and 6am were a blur of furious clicking and scrolling of my iPod, opening up new cards and hoping to find one that links to the other. Woke up at 11 this morning to continue with Solitaire (or Klondike) despite my stomach's protests.

What I need now is SLEEP. But not before 1 more game....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


When you assume things, you make and ass out of you and me.

Write that down.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Research 101

Burnt out by school work and matters in camp. People taking leave during this festive season, hoping to pull off a string of extended weekends are taking a toll on our hours done everyday. I struggle to complete my bits of the lit review in camp and I'm too tired to do any of it when I get back home. It doesn't help that I feel that I'm not pulling my weight in this assignment as the others are doing so while coping with outside commitments.

At the same time, other worldly distractions have gotten my attention for all the wrong reasons. All in the name of a little fun and an injection of self-esteem.

Quote of the Day: "My pubes tremble when he speaks." - Jules who is never shy to speak about her bodily functions.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Carnival (live)

Gotta love The Cardigans.


I think people should say what they mean instead of just obliging to stuff even when they're unhappy. It didn't make for a really great night but nothing ever goes well if you decide not to plan for a night out at a club.

That said, I predict a real boring match between Man Utd and Pool tonight. It's always the case sometimes when you get 2 really big teams cancelling each other out. Remember the FA Cup finals last year? Man Utd vs Chelsea. Most boring match ever. Arsenal has the potential to beat Chelsea this time around if the midfield is settled and if Van Persie plays.

I highly doubt Shevchenko can get past Gallas and Toure. I never thought he could make it in the EPL and he should go back to Italy where he was treated like a god, and he played like one too. Why Avram Grant plays Shevchenko ahead of Pizarro everytime I wonder why too. But never underestimate Chelsea, with Lampard and Joe Cole (and Cashley too) they can cause some serious problems to any defence.

I hope my MC (to cover today's duty) was well spent. Here's to a great night of football.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pet Peeve No. 1

Bad Teeth. Ergh what am I doing?

Quote of the Day: "You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake" - Tyler Durden