Monday, February 26, 2007

G.I. Joe

So I had my hair cut bald. I was going for a Justin Timberlake kinda bald but I got G.I. Joe bald instead. Now, I look like Natalie Portman.

And this was just a couple of days after my sister's friends commented on how I look like a girl. Hopefully it's a hot girl.

Quote of the Day: "You may get a "free" Wii controller with the game, but you'd be better off just buying the controller and punching yourself in the penis." - a review of Wii Play on


Alisa said...

Hatta: I need to go to the toilet.
Friend 1: Yakyakyakyakyak
Hatta: I really need to go the toilet.
Alisa: OMG you whine like a girl!

I see similarities. I SEE SIMILARITIES! Did you think she was annoying? Because if you didn't I think it's really unfair. AND RACIST. Unfair and racist. I demand justice. Wait a few months before becoming her friend.

I got my shoes stepped on said...

You seem incoherent in this tag. Just like 50% of the time. Make it 60%.