Sunday, February 4, 2007

I just had to do this

If you thought graphic novels (or put plainly, comics) were all about Superman and the massively overrated Spiderman, you thought wrong. I mean, I've been reading comics for about 2 odd years now and let me tell you that there's a whole plethora of great titles out there which hardly features men in tights. Heck, I've even got Alisa hooked to some of my stuff. Here are some essential readings from my personal library:


The story revolve around fables that you and I have got to know when we were little kids. The big bad wolf, Snow White, Goldilocks, the 3 little pigs and many more appear in this comic. Apparently all of these fables lived in their own world called the Homelands and it was invaded by an evil force called the Adversary. Forced to leave or be enslaved by the baddies, they now live peacefully in exile, in a town within New York. They now assume human form while trying to live a normal life away from the humans. You just know that things won't go well when you have the likes of Snow White managing the town with a reformed Big Bad Wolf playing the town's detective/sheriff. Conspiracies, invasions and love triangles aplenty; and Fables is even thought to be better than the critically acclaimed Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Not bad at all.

The Walking Dead

After my friend, Ismet, introduced me to Volume 1 of The Walking Dead I was next seen at Kino buying Volume 2 and 3. Fucking good comic I tell you. Policeman Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma one day to find out that his town is practically a ghost town and is overrun by zombies. Although this may sound like the beginning of the movie 28 Days Later, this is where the similarities end. Rick then goes on to find his family while trying to dodge paranoid survivors and the living dead. Trust me, the zombies are the least of his worries here. Writer Robert Kirkman admits in his introduction that he doesn't intend to illustrate horror and gore but to explore what the world and society will be like in such extreme conditions. The writing is deep and the artwork is in black and white, adding to the grim tone of the script.

Y: The Last Man

Like Walking Dead, the writer does try to make a point about society by putting the protagonist through extreme conditions. However, instead of having him battle zombies he writer has put our main man in every guy's wet dream; being the last man on Earth. A mysterious epidemic swept over world one day and ALL male living things die except for Yorick Brown. The story revolves around Yorick making his way around the world to find his girlfriend while being escorted by a government agent. Things don't get easy when Yorick has to avoid contact with evil feminists and conspiracy theorists plotting his death. Yorick has been likened to tv characters like Eric Forman from That 70's Show and Seth Cohen from The OC so fans of those shows would love what B.K Vaughn has done with this awesome script.

On a side note, the trip to Cafe Del Mar on Saturday went pretty well on my part and the place is just awesome. Super hot bikini girls in the vip pool helped alot with my first time experience to the beach hangout. Til next time people!

Quote of the day: "I'm not really scared of cockroaches now. But snakes still do rank quite high up the phobia list." - Me


missM said...

ok i have to admit...they all look and sound damn good. how much per copy and how thick is one?

I got my shoes stepped on said...

1 Volume is like $20? you can them at Kinokuniya. There's no other place cheaper than kino. And they have almost all the comics you need to find too.

How thick, well you can read it within an hour or 2. I usually take my time to read them. No use buying such expensive stuffs and rushing through them right?

Alisa said...

Halooo! I just updated, ranting about Heroes (because I've just watched another brilliant episode). It's under friends, though, so you might have to log in to read it. I promise I'll burn for you if I get my DVD burner before I leave (which I'm hoping to get with my CNY money).