Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grand Theft Auto

Hello everyone. Meet Choi. Or Choy. I don't know. He's an ex-con who went AWOL on the army for a few years (he's 31 now) and now he's back, awaiting his court hearing and such. He's bad to the bone. Tattoos, a wicked Hokkien vocabulary and a badass techno ringtone. Choi/Choy also moonlights as a pimp and his girlfriend's a ho. No kidding. He told us himself. He was even nice enough to offer us some of his girls for a cheap 20.

Choi's been attached to my guard house for the past 2 weeks and all he does is sleep. I've got no qualms with that though. I do that very often too. The only problem i have is that when we do whip out the PS2, he keeps asking me (actually he asks the room but I don't know why I keep answering him) if we have played a super rad game called Grand Theft Auto.

This leaves me with a big problem. What do I say? Do I say it's a fun game to play? What if he takes it as an insult? After all, all you do in the game is shoot people, steal cars, beat up hookers and 354654354 other things which counts as a crime. Here's a piece of convo that happened the other day:

Choi: Hey any of you play Grand Theft Auto?
Hatta: Yeah that game. You can steal cars and have like prostitutes getting into your cars and all. Quite cool ah. Actually it's not really cool... I don't know.. Umm.. Yeah.. What's for lunch?

This was met with a long moment of silence. Moral of the story? Tattooed pimps scare me.

Quote of the day: "yOu kNoW i rEaLlY uSeD tO TyPe lyK DiZ wHeN i WaS iN SeC 2. " - Super Val on her colourful past.


ohmytian said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! the convo with choi/choy is damn damn stupid. maybe he's cool with like him being a pimp. does he have 'o' levels?

yOu mAkE mE sOuNd DaMn StUpiD oKaYxzZ?


I got my shoes stepped on said...

I think he only has a PSLE cert.