Friday, April 6, 2007


That was my score for my Final Theory Trial Test. No shit. I gave myself 2 days (I completed my Basic on tues and decided to have my FTT Trial Test on thurs) to read that incredibly boring blue piece of book and I hit full marks. The funny thing is that I'm still not sure how the engine break works. And that's after reading it over and over again. I guess it's just luck, not. Because if there's such thing as luck (or as Hajar would cheesily put, fate) then the cute Debbie Wong look-alike would resurface at SSDC again. Damn.

On a side note I found some old photos of mine and wondered where the hell I went wrong over the years.

I went from this

To this.

Present day:

How Tragic.


xxx said...

i wonder too.




hatta said...

as you can see, i got cooler. as seen with the green mack daddy pimp coat and white hat.