Monday, April 23, 2007

Graphic Novels for Sale!

These graphic novels are in freaking awesome condition as I've read them only once and then I've stacked them in my cupboard when I was done with them so they're as good as new. Most of my graphic novels were bought from Kinokuniya so the price tag will still be stuck at the back. I'll be selling them for $5 below their retail price so my comics will be going for about $15 - $18 each.

They're mostly trade paperbacks (compiled volumes for the uninitiated) and half of them are A-List titles. Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman being names that spring to my mind. I've made it convenient for you guys (no matter how little traffic this blog gets) by splitting them up into 2 categories, the A-List graphic novels and the umm... how would you say this... well to make them sound marketable I'll call them the runners-up. Haha go check them out.

The "Runners-Up"

Ultimate Galactus Volume 1 and 2
Written by Warren Ellis

Part 1 and 2 of the Ultimate Galactus trilogy (sorry folks Ben had volume 3). This takes place in the Ultimate Universe, a new line of comics that Marvel was trying out to break open into a new market of readers. What happens in the Marvel Universe is that writers are given the freedom to start a fresh with the origins of the Marvel characters and their subsequent events. It frees the writer from the usual continuity of the main Marvel Universe.

Nick Fury is now a bad ass black dude. The Fantastic Four are a bunch of teens. The Human Torch and The Thing are teen jocks. And so on. In Ultimate Galactus, the world is going to end with the impending arrival of Galactus, the anti-god, the devourer of worlds. It's up to the likes of the Ultimate Avengers and Fantastic Four to stop it. Cept that they don't really know whatGah Lak Tus (Galactus's name in the Ultimate universe) is. On to a more popular arachnid.

Ultimate Spiderman Volume 1,3,5,7
Written by Brian Michael Bendis

I know I know. WTF right. I only have Volumes 1,3,5 and 7. Ben and I were trying to save cost so we decided to buy alternate volumes and share the trades. So Ben has 2,4,6,8 and 9 I think. The writer is a well known scribe whose lost some steam ever since he's signed an exclusive contract with Marvel and it shows . He's Marvel's go-to guy for the past few years. His best works have been House of M and Daredevil (brilliant art by Alex Maleev) although Ultimate Spiderman isn't too bad a read. If you do want the whole collection I think Ben might be willing to part with his Ult Spidey stuffs so don't be afraid to ask. Moving on to another Bendis written comic.

New Avengers Volume 2 and 3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Unlike the other 2 this is part of the main Marvel Continuity. What has happened is that the Avengers have broken up after a huge accident involving the Scarlett Witch being crazy and killing like Hawkeye and shit. So long story short, Captain America and Iron Man decide to hire a bunch of A-List superstars to fill up the Avengers roster. In comes Wolverine, Luke Cage, Spiderman, Spider Woman and The Sentry. I think more characters like Dr Strange would be joining in although I wouldn't really know as I don't keep up with this series. Label whores would love this graphic novel.

Alright we're half-way there.

The A-List Titles

The Books of Magic
Written by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is a man who needs no introduction. As with all my A-List comics I'm selling, they're all a one off novel so you don't have to worry about having to keep up with a series and what not. Books of Magic (BOM) is about a boy, Timothy Hunter, who is seen as the Anakin Skywalker of the mystical world.

He holds great potential to be one of the most powerful magic practitioners alive and it's up to a motley crue of mysterious men to show him the different paths that his future might hold for him. Amongst the many who would guide this young boy through assasinations are John Constantine and Zatanna, popular characters from the DC world. Expect lots of mystery, action and fantasy from this novel. Each chapter is illustrated by different artists so prepare to be transported to a different realm at every page.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
Written by Grant Morrison

One of the darkest Batman stories yet. All hell breaks loose in the asylum and the likes of Two-Face and the Joker invite the big ol' Bat to the mad house for a little game or two. They are willing to release the hostages if Batman joins them at the asylum. Morrison does a great job of showing similarities and the grey lines between sanity and lunacy. A very dark graphic novel.

The Surrogates
By Robert Venditti

For the indie lovers, this is for you. Surrogates is a sci-fi thriller about how people in the future are all dependant on their Surrogate Robots. Instead of live interaction, people in the future have resorted to staying in their rooms while controlling their robots via Virtual Reality to represent them "in the flesh" so to speak. Think of it as IRC meets Friendster meets iRobot.

People now invest in getting the best looks for their surrogates while they themselves rot in their own room letting these robots be their medium between themselves and reality. The writer does a pretty decent social commentary on everything related to Social Psychology to MediSoc and all that Brian Lee shit you learnt in poly (this applies to the mass commers only). There's also the thriller element to keep this book pulsing.

Marvel Zombies (Hardcover)
By Robert Kirkman

THE LAST ONE. Zombies are cool. So is this book. Experience an alternate Marvel Universe where everyone has been turned into a zombie. EVERYONE. Yes, even Spiderman. Watch everyone try to salvage what's left of their humanity while chasing human meat and keeping their innards intact. In this novel are all the classic Marvel covers reanimated tobe given a more.. zombified effect to it. I'd buy it just for the covers alone. Well, actually I did. And now I'm selling it to you.

All 7 titles.

Take your pick and do tag if you're interested. If you do want to negotiate and all that shit, please don't hesitate to give me add me on msn at Please buy my graphic novels or I'll curl up into a ball on my bed, crying.

Quote of the Day: "This is Frau Frabissina, founder and leader of the militant wing of the Salvation Army." - Dr Evil


Anonymous said...

maybe you can start a graphic novel library for you will..start leasing the lovely books out like a goodwill gesture..too much pain in this world we need more charity.



hatta said...

ive been telling you this for ages bryan. trade or buy my stuff! it's too expensive to lend out of "goodwill"!

i will lend out of good will if your name is debbie wong. or charlize theron.

bryan said...

just in case your blog is really high traffic material and someone else reads this- i'm not as spastic as i sound in my prev posting.

ok we can do a trade - i have a simpsons "prison break" issue. its a bumper issue of..get this..FIVE (5) individual never-seen-before-by-the-regular-man-on-the-street simpsons episode rated "a must-buy" and "5-stars!" by

now wont you like to relive your mr burns moments?

anycase if you decide to take up this good offer i dont mine trading my bumper issue for few of your comics. heh

hatta said...

Hhhmmmmmm we'll see about that.

hongxiang said...

Hey you wanna trade? I'll give you a copy of 'Human Communication: The Basic Course 9th Ed.' by Joseph Devito, in exchange for all your graphic novels.

hatta said...

i think i'll pass.