Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Office

Which Character in NBC's The Office Are You?

JimYou are a funny and light-hearted person who loves being around people and people love being around you. You try to keep an optimistic outlook, but you can ometimes get too drawn in or involved with situations.
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Ok I don't really watch The Office but I gave this a shot. I might just start watching this show if anyone has dvd's to spare. Please be nice and we can do a trade. I have 2 seasons of Arrested Development.

Anyone with a similar quiz for Arrested Development please don't hesitate to fill me in on that. I'd like to see which dysfunctional one I am. Hopefully not the Tobias "Analrapist" Funke who ironically is my favourite character.

Don't watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 unless you like convulated plots and more convulated plots which you will not understand even if you've watched it for the 234563874th time.

Quote of the Day: "Just as you have planted your seed into the ground, I will plant my seed into you." - Dwight Schrute


The Black Alabama Snake said...

Dude, that's actually pretty true. You're alot like Jim. Well which bring's me to my next question. If you're Jim, then who's Pam going to be = )?

hatta said...

you'll find out soon enough my man. haha.

Anonymous said...

the black alabama snake is thebigblackdaddyyo right

ran. said...

hey. I have The Office Season 1&2. Season 3 I only have half of it. dope show to watch at 6am in the morning, when you are stone as hell.

leave me an email if you are interested.