Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ehn Dee Pee

After spending 16 hours at Marina doing logistics and all that bull, seeing the preparations and what goes on behind the whole national celebration, I finally see how this is all just a waste of time. Not just because I get shouted in the face by my direct superior and we don't get any credits for anything but mainly because it is so fucking expensive to organise this narcissistic celebration by the country.

Without going into the details (because there's too many) the money spent on countless rehearsals and the stage etc. could be put to better use, no? It could be used to fund countless campaigns to help the hungry and poor people of Africa and many other humanitarian activities. A cure for cancer would be nice too.

No I'm not writing this out of spite just because my view of the fireworks was (and will always be) totally hindered by the bridge.

Quote of the Day: "Tetris is so unrealistic."


bong said...

damn sucks.
give some burmese the $$$.

hatta said...

and some light.