Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kanye's Glow in the Dark

After watching many of his live concert videos on Youtube and MTV, I've to say Kanye's performance last night was just a notch below my grand expectations of him. Granted the lightings and special effects were very very impressive but the gig felt like a scripted show. A very well-scripted show I have to say but it lacked a certain discerning quality.

Yes he was energetic. Prancing around the stage, singing with full emotion but he somehow felt very detached from the audience; having almost no interaction with the audience. Having spent $188 on their ticket to experience, I assume, a once-in-a-lifetime show, the audience deserved more respect than that and I've not even included the fact that he was late for an hour and a half.

Not to take away some of the other aspects of the concert, his band and back-up singers were excellent. Yes, as excellent as the special effects which gave NDP a run for its money.

Pictures are over here! And here's a video of his entrance:

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