Saturday, June 2, 2007


Quote of the Day: "Get away from me! I'm gone! Gone! I've got a driving lesson at 8! FUCK! HAHA I am the drunkard!" - Dan (who has seen better days)

*edit: this is a request by Val *ohmytian* Lim who so wants to be on the face of my blog everytime. thanks to her my blog will ,for the first time, feature 2 quotes. this is a historical moment in internet history. thank your lucky stars you witnessed it right here on amonkeywithcymbals.

due to popular demand please book a quote of the day slots. there's only so many posts i can do and therefore competition for your quote is very limited.

2nd Quote of the Day:
"Then i just sat on the floor and flopped around" - Val


ta said...

oh. so now i'm the lazy owl. i demand a-not-so...huhhhh ...kind of name.

ta said...

oh comments can't be deleted or changed.

i'm not lazy and i'm only an owl sometimes?