Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Post-Party Party

These pictures were way overdue. T'was a kickass night. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Pradeep. Unfortunately birthday boy wasn't in any of the pics seeing how he was outside getting drunk on wine.

Pray hard that next week will be a good week for me. With the long awaited driving test on Wednesday and my project presentation on Thurs it will definitely be crunch time. Friday's my birthday so please don't forget to mail me your presents. Each present should at least cost $300, thanks. Come Saturday, I'll be chilling at Hacienda with my favourite people. I can smell it already. It'll be a good week.

Quote of the Day: "Update lah, chee bye" - Me

1 comment:

Hid said...

wow dan. the term 'abang abang' comes to mind. these places though, not so much wow for me now. bleargh. erratic as it is dohhh.