Sunday, October 21, 2007

Invaders from space and beyond

I hate it when parents don't teach their children proper manners. Have you ever had your room raided by 2 incessant kids before? Jumping and rolling on your bed, touching your computer and messing with your comic book collection? MY FUCKING COMIC BOOK LIBRARY WAS TOUCHED BY UNAUTHOURISED HANDS. If this was the army I'd send you to DB for that.

And then it gets worse. The 17 year old son of my dad's friend plonks himself on my bed and decides to stare at me, hoping to start a conversation. Being the nice host that I am I was stuck with him for almost an hour. I missed at least half of my football match because of these guests coming to my house at the eleventh hour.

The words "Ok come on let's get going!" by the parents couldn't have been at a later time of 1115pm but it was well received by the hosts nonetheless.

Quote of the Day: "I just told my rugby fanatic friend that rugby was started by a group of bored hunky gay giants" - Hajar

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