Sunday, February 17, 2008

They can't be over fast enough

'Twas a pretty decent weekend which started off with Home Club on Friday with the old Trimedia gang for an UrbanWire event followed by my first ever Beat! at the very same venue with Rett, Shila and Shawn. Didn't totally dig the music but then again it was just me. Everyone had their favs from Blur to Arcade Fire to The Strokes (which I went crazy to) and some song about being in love on a Friday.

Saturday's BBQ at Alisa's went better than expected although I had to leave prematurely due to wanting to catch the match at home. I'd like to thank the hosts for being really good barbecuetionists. The company was awesome and the gambling was even better.

Today was spent lazing around the house in typical Hatta fashion. A night of re-reading Fables beckons for me before I knock off. Til the next weekend although it'll be over before we know it.

Quote of the Day: " I've always wanted to say this. Let's jam together when you get your guitar." - Val embracing her inner minah

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