Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The decisions have gone against Arsenal during both legs. The first was a BLATANT penalty on Hleb that was waved away. The papers have attributed that to the fact that the offender and referee are neighbours but that's just awesome sensationalism.

The penalty given to Pool in the dying minutes of the second leg was a questionable one too and even if the foul was committed, it occured just outside the box. We were the better team over the course of both legs but we were very tired and I felt that it was the reason behind the concentration lapse which allowed Babel to attack, resulting in that very unfortunate foul.

Over the 3 games we had to struggle putting names up on our first team sheet due to fatigue while Pool managed to rotate their players. Yet, Arsenal managed to take on Pool and even had chances to win these matches. Mr Wenger, if you're reading this, we need more players. 2 wingers and a defensive midfielder to replace the outgoing Gilberto. Only this way can we win trophies. Else, it'll be another season of being so close yet again.

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