Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Finally, someone to add movement and impetus from the midfield. Fantastic technical ability too. Only problem is that he stands at 1.72m - meaning that he is as tall as I am which doesn't bode well for players in a league well-known for being very physical. He'll also need 2 weeks to regain full fitness as he hasn't played since the Russian league ended in November.

Arsenal's history with expensive signings has been at best, ok. Arshavin comes in for a fee rumoured to cost £16.5 million which makes him Arsenal's most expensive signing ever. Let's hope he manages to acclimatise to the EPL asap and live up to expectations.

Spurs, however, have made a big joke of themselves by recruiting 3 of their old players just after they have left 6 months ago. All good players who shouldn't have left the club in the first place. I wonder how they acquire their funds when a lot of their signings have been bought for overly inflated prices (i.e. Darren Bent for £16 million).

They have again been one of the most (if not THE most) busiest club during the transfer window again, taking in 5 players. How much more do you need to spend to improve the team. Hopefully 'Arry can bring his bargaining abilities to Spurs to cut some spending costs.

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