Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh just sell him already

I think everyone had a sneaking feeling that this guy won't last the game when he got a yellow card about 10 minutes into the game for arguing with the ref. Somehow we just knew that he'll get booked some time and he will get sent off. True enough!

He just HAD to trip Modric in front of the fans! He complained that he was unfairly booked for arguing and if he wasn't booked then, he would still be playing. Rubbish! That trip was an immediate red card in my eyes for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

It was kinda of unfortunate h had to start his shenanigans when he was playing decently well, causing problems to the Spurs defense with his diagonal runs into the box. He even had a goal called off due to some bad refereeing.

Mr Wenger, if you so happen to grace my blog please take my advice and sell of Eboue. Didn't Atletico Madrid attempt a bid for him during the January window? Take that money and buy a new Holding Midfield player. I'd even take Nicky Butt now seeing how bad Song is. No, really I'm serious.

Then there's the case of Denilson. That guy has good potential. Hell, he's playing way better than anyone his age right now. But he is not a defensive midfield player. And he's not good enough to play centre midfield yet. A loan spell next season will definitely do him some good.

But please. Sell Eboue.

Quote of the Day: "Sell Eboue! I heard that Gombak United is looking for players." - Hizuan

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