Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's just waiting to strike

On top of the very eventful Saturday which got me taking the scenic route from town to the airport via Geylang and many other east side sight-seeing destinations, Monday's drive to and from school had a more interesting twist to it.

My Monday evening started with presumably a couple of (conmen?) that parked their van right in front of my car just as I was about to drive off my lot. One of them told me to wind down my windows and told me that he was giving away some home surround system to me cos of some error in the orders. I don't know what possessed me to get out of the car to check out his stock at the back of his van but I regretted the moment I did. He just kept trying to GIVE me the $7k set saying that his boss made some extra orders and they didn't know where to put this extra stock. Apparently the extra stock would fit nicely into my car boot just as long as I don't sell it away.

Strange explaination? Yes. I then started to think that they were either trying to frame me for theft or this is could have been a ploy to kidnap me and send me to Thailand to be used as a comfort boy (read: sex slave) for immoral and horny white tourists. I quickly made excuses like "I am late" and that "There's other cars for you to out your stock into" as being Thai prostitute was not going to be an option for me.

That said I encountered another scam artist of another kind on the way home from school at 11ish. I'm just assuming here but it's quite a high chance that this is a scam artist at work. So I was just casually driving down the empty BKE roads back home until a Malaysian van on the left of my lane in front of my decided to suddenly edge into my lane without any prior warning.

The moment I braked he decided to slow down even more and coincidentally (I shall use this word loosely) another Malaysian bike tried to squeeze in between the small gap in between my car and the van, colliding into the latter and wobbling into my direction. Using my Lewis Hamilton-esque skillzzzz I swerved and broke away from the 2 vehicles and sped away. The last I saw the 2 vehicles went to seperate directions, looking like nothing ever happened. My dad and friends tell me that they're out to extort compensation from Singaporean drivers especially those on P-plates like me.

Ending on a more comical note, I slept on the couch last night. Why? Cos there was a huge ass cockroach yesterday and it disappeared into the wilderness I'd call my room. I gave up looking for it hence my decision to sleep outside, where no cockroaches can reach me while I sleep eliminating the risk of it being swallowed or laying eggs in my ears while I sleep. I know I have a vivid imagination but bugs are just too too too gross.

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