Sunday, March 23, 2008

Static Saturday

Saturday night was rather uneventful. We started out at Butter Factory which had switched rooms - they had electro and some indie house thing going on in the main room while hip hop was played out at the lounge outside. After seeing some familiar faces, Jen's reluctance to hang in the main room and the hip hop crowd's static nature we left for Pump Room which had the WORST CROWD EVER. I don't think I'm ever going back there.

The place was littered with fat white girls, lame-ass chinese guys, SPG's and (yes, get this) AUNTIES. If you ever do want to see an AUNTIE getting jiggy with it, you know where to head down to. The band's pretty good though their choice of music was occasionally quite off. I very much preferred my dinner and coffee session with the ol' guys which preceeded this bad night of clubbing. Enjoy!

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